Oh let the rain fall weightily like a head hanging over while asleep . I lay here distraught while my manipulative daughters leave me for dead as they do respect my trade partners and smaller islands in our empire. I see a strong sea tornado gathering up ever in its path like a child in […]

The king swept Into the court and stood gazing at the crowd stood before him. His eyes burned as silence descended across the room like a loud ringing in each persons ear. His mouth,which was wide open as if he was looking at something astonished,slowly declared in a rage that he had not chosen who […]

King Lear was the father of two sons and a daughter.The eldest was one of his sons named Gon,who often though with the slightly younger middle child Regan his only daughter,He was a very sporty boy who played lots of contact sports such as rugby and ice hockey along with american football.Regan was very popular […]

In this essay,which is based on shakespear’s play king Lear,I will discuss the difference’s of the kings three daughters. There names are Goneril,Regan and Cordlia. This essay will also describe how they express there love towards there father and who seems to be telling the truth when they are all asked the question.Who doth love […]

My name’s Harlem and although I’ve only been around for 11yrs I’m writing a section of my autobiography. The area of my autobiography I’m writing about is when I got my teeth out in hospital. This is how the day went. I woke up dreading knowing that today I had to get my teeth out. […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway